Afternoon Snack

Well would you look at that, it’s June! We are gently contemplating summer with a refreshing and wholesome Afternoon Snack.

Our Kickstarter campaign for Comrade Himbo wrapped up on Monday: our wonderful backers helped us get a 301% funded, making it POME Press’s greatest success to date! We cannot express enough gratitude for our amazing contributors and eager supporters, but, again: THANK YOU!!! If you missed out on the campaign, don’t worry: once the Kickstarter is fulfilled, we’ll be offering books and any extra apparel on our online shop, so stay tuned!

In the continuing spirit of doing our best to make the world we want to see, we deeply enjoyed Mandy Brown’s argument for the necessity of office politics, written for her newsletter when tech company Basecamp imploded after trying to ban “politics” from the company chat.

Here’s the thing: we need politics in the workplace. Politics—that is, the act of negotiating our relationships and obligations to each other—is critical to the work of building and sustaining democracy. And the workplace isn’t separate from democracy—it is democracy.

If you only have room in your head for one COVID-19 analysis this week, make it this one: an illuminating and vindicating essay on the telephone-style scientific error from decades ago that was directly responsible for the confusing guidelines at the beginning of the pandemic, and how a small team of scientific sleuths uncovered it.

This week’s top tier #cronetent comes at you in the form an interview with the reclusive, extremely badass Sinead O’Connor, who remembers her downfall from the top of the pop charts differently from the rest of the world.

Though the auction for it is already over, please slather with us over this very witchy, gorgeously detailed vintage brooch of a spider catching a fly.

Do you wish you could watch Manben, the legendary documentary where Naoki Urasawa visits and interviews other manga creators, but don’t speak Japanese? One anonymous fan has your back, with highly-quality English subbed uploads through Season 4, located here. DO NOT tell the YouTube police!!!

As we stride cautiously into a less-socially-distanced summer, and begin taking stock of everything that’s change (and everything that hasn’t) since last year, we hope you can carry this energy into your week, and the months ahead:

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Romance Roundtable #52: Classmates

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