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June is busting out all over and we don’t really know what to do with it, so we’re just gonna sit over in our corner and have a think! Take a break and join us for a medium-brain Afternoon Snack.

Solidarity with The New Yorker Union, who are preparing to go — but as of this writing are not yet — on strike! The union made a very handy list of ways to join The New Yorker Union picket line while on strike no matter where you’re located, whether you’re a reader, a New Yorker contractor, or a freelancer: please check it out! And check out their gorgeous and inspiring Strike Issue cover art, while you’re at it!

Feeling fired up and eager for more workplace equity? You’ll likely enjoy Anne Helen Petersen’s recent newsletter edition, “Just because your early career was hell doesn’t mean others’ has to be.”

Our Australian friends have recently turned us onto Freeplay, the longest-running indie games festival, which streamed from June 9-13 this year with a fascinating lineup. Though the festival has ended, awards are being announced on June 27, and the site’s lists of festival speakers and award nominees are filled to the brim with exciting work and creators to check out!

Something about the longer summer days puts is is a big summer reading mood; here are five SFF novels with trans women protagonists that we are adding to our to-read pile STAT!

In a similar view, we think the best book reviews are the kinds that stand alone as thought-provoking and entertaining essays in their own right. Lauren Oyler’s review of Detransition, Baby for the London Review of Books extremely fits that bill.

Bitch Magazine interviewed POME fave Ashley C. Ford following the release of her memoir, Somebody’s Daughter. If the interview is anything to go by (as it surely must be!) this book promises to be moving and extremely necessary for anyone with big questions about love and healing.

We don’t really receive an emotional education of any kind in this country. We don’t really understand, in a lot of cases, that our feelings are not finite. We cannot love ourselves too much. We cannot care for and about ourselves too much. There’s no evidence that you can love yourself or somebody else too much.

Continuing on our Manben kick, if you too cannot get enough of spending time with masters of manga, check out Naoki Urasawa’s Youtube videos!

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