Afternoon Snack

We’re deep into the height of summer, and frankly, we’re melting about it. Take a break from all this heat, and come cool off with an afternoon snack!

One way to cool off in this face-meltingly hot weather: by crying a lot while reading the story behind / revisiting one of Hey Arnold’s biggest tear jerker episodes (which, frankly, is a tall order for a children’s show with so many poignant and moving ones).

You can also get those tear ducts ready by rewatching this scene and then jumping into the article:

MCR and HIPDOT collaborated on a makeup line! It’s everything our little post-pop-punk hearts could ever want!

In a vulnerable exploration of grief and autofiction, Alexis Nowicki revisits her unique experience of reading that short story that went viral back in 2017, “Cat Person”.

The Chicago neighborhood where I live and have owned a home for the past 11 years has been identified as one of the most violent areas in the city. The city’s answer has always been to increase police presence. But the additional police officers I see driving the wrong way down one-way streets have not reduced violence. The police who close the parking lot to the park in my neighborhood at 2 p.m., when the park is open until 11 p.m., have not reduced violence. The police who look at me suspiciously while I’m on my morning run in my neighborhood have made me feel trapped, unwanted, and afraid — and I still hear those gunshots.

It’s hard to pick just one excerpt from Takenya Nixon Brail’s excellent article on overpolicing in Chicago but one thing is clear: more police means more crime.

Though unfortunately word of god (via Legally Blonde’s writer) refuted this article, for a few hours last week we lived in a world where Elle and Vivian got together in the film’s original cut and we’d like to go back there, please.

ITT: Chicken Drama:

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