Afternoon Snack

Wow, what a difference a day makes! This new Tuesday Afternoon Snack is refreshing and hot, hot, hot!!! Check out all the things we’re stoked for (and just one thing we’re really mad about) on the internet this week!

Once again, we are finding that the year after the one we are in can’t come soon enough!! This year’s reason? LOCKED TOMB BOOK 3!!!!! Let’s go lesbians!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re still not going to too many in-person events these days, especially with our hometown of Austin on maximum COVID restrictions, but now that we know about the Animal Crossing x Colourpop makeup collection, we kind of wish we could… 🥲

Fortunately, funding Kickstarters is a zero-COVID-risk activity, and this week we have TWO to call your attention to! Nectar: Trans Femme and Non Binary Erotic Comics Anthology has only 3 days to go and features a number of POME faves and contributors! If horror is more your thing, fave Sloane Leong just launched Death in the Mouth: Original Horror By People of Color, and it looks incredible. Throw your money at these, now, go!!

Is that all not enough queer content for you? Well you’re in luck, because we’ve now also been #blessed by a new queer visual novel Come for a Drink by Dirchansky, exploring relationships with the hot people in the wushu martial arts studio on your walk home from work. Daddies await!

And speaking of daddies, with The Green Knight making a big splash, all our thoughts are once again belong to Dev Patel. Apparently, our extremely handsome leading man still remembers when people called him “the ugliest character on Skins,” and we sincerely hope that everyone who said that regrets their choices and has their favorite moisturizer discontinued.

Closing out with some shameless self-promo, we’re so excited for the new Pink Clover anthology, with art by coven member Rachel!! It’s got the perfect pastel vibe, go check it out!

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A collage featuring the top 10 crones of the year for 2023.

Crones of the Year 2023

As we spiral ever further towards certain catastrophe on this interminable mortal coil, there are some lights of hope that pass fleetingly by. Most often: the crones or otherwise eternal baddies found in all of our favorite escapist media. And so we present our top ten 2023 Crones of the Year.

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