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It’s the spooky countdown! We can’t help it, we are but simple spoop-loving creatures who live for autumn!

If you are reading this post, you almost certainly already got the memo, but last week the gays officially gained a new queen in Elvira, who revealed her gay relationship of 19 years in her new memoir! If you haven’t clicked through for the story of how the two got together, you are missing out on an incredibly sweet and swoon-worthy tale!

If you’re in Austin, you can support the gays by swinging by a brand new LGBT-owned bookstore and snagging some signed copies of longtime POME fave Check, Please!

We always love seeing a new Bianca Xunise comic, and this on teaching and “adulthood” is oh-so-relatable.

This week’s comrade news comes in the form of a look at the radical Nabisco strikes in Portland, and how to most militant bakers in the nationwide union organizing campaign feel about their new contract.

It’s no secret that your POME coven are wizened, embittered millennials whose formative experiences with online gamer culture were heavily influenced by the peak Gamergate era. That’s a big part of the reason why we are delighted by events like last week’s Leather Pride Weekend on Twitch, inspired by the infamous Folsom Street Fair, and the Game Devs of Color Expo, which blew our minds with exciting new-to-us talent. We’re particularly excited to check out Common’hood, a really gorgeous-looking community building simulator right out of our post-empire communecore dreams.

As comfort food season comes rolling in, we really enjoyed reading about Tacky author Rax King’s suburban restaurant crawl:

Despite her appreciation of middlebrow brands in Tacky, even King acknowledges that these old chains are hard to love—a tenuous affection that follows many of us from suburban American childhoods. As a person who cares about labor, sourcing, the environment, and the looming threat of corporations dominating the American restaurant landscape, you’re not supposed to want to go to these kinds of establishments. There are better restaurants to patronize—ones that offer thoughtfulness, quality, and a sense of place—and there is ample reason to see chain restaurants as anathema.

We are just not over it yet, so we’re closing out with POME fave Liana Kangas’s take on our Dark and Terrible Queen of the Gays. May her unparalleled vibes carry you through the week!

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