Afternoon Snack

We are leaning into this whole “November” situation with heartwarmers and underass-fire-lighters (sorry??) in this week’s Afternoon Snack!

K Stew is continuing her holy mission to give the girls and gays everything we want by dressing like a yakuza and making spooky gay television. Bless her!

To round up last week’s labor news, Image Comics has chosen to go with the NLRB election process instead of voluntary recognizing Comic Book Workers United, the IATSE contracts with AMPTP were very narrowly ratified, and the Burgerville Workers Union, the first and only legally recognized fast food union in the country, has reached a tentative contract agreement after 3 years of bargaining. If you want a thorough breakdown of the history leading up to all of IATSE’s activity this year, Strikewave has your back!

We recently learned about this elderly New Zealand woman who reviews video games, and particularly loves Shin Megami Tensei, as she explains in this unboxing video. It’s very nice, highly recommend.

It turns out that the secret to getting the famously reclusive crone idol Kate Bush to record new music is… bringing Big Boi on board? The former Outkast member and longtime outspoken Kate Bush fan promises the collaboration will drop soon, and we hope it’s true!!

Millennial friendship with Zoom and FaceTime ended, now good old-fashioned talking on the phone is our best friend.

Gods, we wish we had the vision and patience to create an Animal Crossing dreamscape of our own. Thank goodness there are others out there with social media accounts who will carry this burden for us.

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Romance Roundtable #52: Classmates

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