Afternoon Snack

If you’re still sleepy from the long weekend, we hope this sampling of links will perk you up, with no side effects!

Our favorite discovery of last week: they’re making a live-action BL Metamorphosis movie and we are already OVERFLOWING with joy! Look at them!

Elsewhere in TV things, apparently Amazon Prime is doing a Mass Effect TV show??? And Henry Cavill may or may not be involved? Let’s just hope that if the Cavill rumors are true, our Amazon overlords do the right thing and cast him as Garrus.

It’s time for more union news! As of November 29, Animation Guild negotiations are under way, and the guild is working to secure better pay for animation writers with their #PayAnimationWriters and #NewDeal4Animation campaigns.

Both Vice and The Hollywood Reporter covered the new union at Image Comics in depth last week, and we gotta say, we hope that the momentum keeps building! From THR, reported by Graeme McMillan:

Undeterred by Image’s lack of recognition, the CBWU is asking supporters to lobby the company directly to voluntarily recognize the union, seeing the potential for their efforts to be a game-changer for the industry as a whole. Although the CBWU is only open to Image Comics employees, the group believes the hunger is out there among staff at other publishers.

“We wish we could share the sheer volume of responses we have received from people working at other publishers, asking for advice on how to start the process themselves,” the group says. “As it stands, all we can do is put them in contact with the fantastic people at the CWA, wish them well as they begin their own journey, and promise to stand up for them when they decide to go public, as they have stood up for us.”

For any fellow comics creators (writers and cartoonists) itching to join the union wave for themselves, we recently learned that last year, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) voted to extend membership to comics creators! The guild is still working on eligibility criteria, but just a couple months ago released a survey of their findings related to pay in the comics industry.

Until the union renaissance reaches full bloom, you can find us in our free time screaming at the cover page of this screenplay to take its shirt off.

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