Afternoon Snack

As we start preparing our wishes and intentions for the new year coming in just a few short weeks, let us huddle together for a hot, fresh, and flaky Afternoon Snack!

Last week, legendary comic artist George Pérez publicly shared his terminal cancer diagnosis. In this interview, he shares what the overwhelming response of love and support has meant to him.

We just love some creative solidarity over here: Redditors have apparently flooded Kellogg with fake job applications, as they attempt to replace 1,400 striking workers.

It feels good to be able to learn from high-profile union victories! Truthout covers the Buffalo, NY Starbucks union’s winning strategy, and Molly Crabapple breaks down this year’s successful New York City taxi driver strike.

Because we can’t always have nice things, we are still furious over Kickstarter’s decision to get into crypto. We won’t link directly to avoid inciting spam bots, but if you’re a creator who’d like to try and convince Kickstarter to reverse their decision, there are some feedback forms and email address floating around on Twitter.

For NPR, Joy Ho has a very sweet short comic on how to break out of your pandemic slump.


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