Afternoon Snack

Hope you’re holding up out there, dear POMEs! It’s been a long January!

Some of us find it impossible not to share Willem Dafoe news, and we hope this long profile from GQ will also tickle your fancy.

Click through and translate this tweet for an exciting surprise! (Unless you can read Japanese!)

Now that you’re primed for cute stuff, maybe you will be interested in this ADORABLE karaoke microphone shaped like a boba cup??? And then invite us to your karaoke Zoom party afterwards??????

Shout out to Black Josei Press, who are continuing to put out exciting new work in the indie press scene, this time a book of queer erotic comics poetry, Arrive in My Hands. On Valentine’s Day, we will be pre-ordering respectfully…

If you’re looking to bring a little sunshine to your next Monday, you couldn’t do better than attending the “Voices of Mañana” panels celebrating the debut of one our favorite anthologies from last year. The English panel is at 7 PM Eastern on January 31 and features Ashanti Fortson, Joamette Gil, Juliette GMM López, Malka Older, and Rico Taveras — and we hear there’s a Spanish-language panel being announced soon!

To close out, we salute the brave conservationists, who not only teach us not to try and make pets out of predators, but also make us laugh doing so.

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