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Happy February POMEs, and happy Imbolc to those who celebrate the halfway point between winter and spring!

As a special treat for us witchy types, Nicolas Cage has come out of the coffin as a goth ahead of his new role as Dracula, and talks about the rude names his pet crow calls him. Kind of a late admissions for a guy who has bought multiple castles and a mausoleum in New Orleans, but we embrace it.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, lots of folks have romance on the brain, including our favorite comics publishers! Manga heroes Seven Seas have launched a new “steamy” imprint, and we are very excited to check out the new licenses!

Here at POME, we are long-time appreciators of love that’s not just romantic, particularly the special and fulfilling type of love between friend. A new series by Argentinian photographer Lucia Vazquez celebrates “chosen sisters” with gorgeous intimate portraits.

If you’re looking for a new crowdfunding platform to use as a creator or as a backer in the wake of Kickstarter’s regrettable pivot to the blockchain, a new challenger approaches! Longtime merchandising company TopatoCo has launched TopatoGO, a full-service crowdfunding solution. They not only are offering a crowdfunding platform, but also in-house shipping services, so it’s definitely an enticing option to check out!

If you’re in the mood for a pensive longread, you’re in for a treat with this New Yorker profile of legendary science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson. Known for his “realistic” projections of possible new technologies and futures, Robinson shares his thoughts on whether climate science fiction (cli-fi, as it’s sometimes called) can help us “wake up” to the challenges and possible solutions for climate change.

That’s all for this week: may your day be as carefree as ye olde animal companions.

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