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Deep from our wintry dens, we invite you in for a warm and winsome Afternoon Snack!

We simply must scream inside our hearts and on our blogs! The butch x butch manga anthology, Boyish, is now available in English!!

Do you like Pokemon? Cute plushies? Modest travel photos of relatively mundane locations? Then you will love Samurai Yadon, an Instagram dedicated to photos of Slowpoke plushies doing stuff.

If we have to live in a world ruled by total numbskull tech bros, at least they give us plenty of reasons to laugh at their expense: according to Space Scientists, a SpaceX rocket launched in 2015 failed so hard at it’s job that it’s literally about to crash into the moon.

Interested in exploring some not-much-talked-about Black art this Black History Month? The Black Film Archive has you covered with a list of 28 films by Black filmmakers—or 56, if you count last year’s list, linked in the post—for Black History Month. BFA creator Maya S. Cade talks about the inspiration behind her selections, which all include descriptions and links to where you can watch them:

In building the second edition of 28 films for 28 days of Black History Month (the first predates Black Film Archive and is here) I thought a lot about Black refusal in film. When I watch a movie, I often ponder the space where the script (or Hollywood idea of what the film is) ends, and Black stars and directors use their instincts to bring subtle (and non-subtle) gestures and life to a world that would not have it otherwise. The films selected here are constructing worlds that embody pain, joy, love, and laughter to bring the fullness of Black life to us all.

Though this opinion piece was originally written for the 2021 New York Times holiday gift guide, its message is as relevant as ever amidst the ongoing pandemic, racial violence, and general stratification of society: Tressie McMillan Cottom explains the ways that mutual aid is better than charity.

Our very own editor Ashley dipped a toe back into podcasting as a guest on this week’s Comics, Inebriated, ranting about the Comics Code in between prodigious sips of gin.

We leave you with some exciting nerdy news: Shojo mangaka Yasuko Aoike, creator of From Eroica with Love, is getting a Manben episode! If you haven’t checked out Manben, which explores the lives and art processes of all sorts of manga creators, this would be an excellent time to start!

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A collage featuring the top 10 crones of the year for 2023.

Crones of the Year 2023

As we spiral ever further towards certain catastrophe on this interminable mortal coil, there are some lights of hope that pass fleetingly by. Most often: the crones or otherwise eternal baddies found in all of our favorite escapist media. And so we present our top ten 2023 Crones of the Year.

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