Afternoon Snack

It’s a week of love, thirst, and lamentation, and the internet delivered!

We deeply enjoyed this exploration of astrology in the ancient Muslim world, which shaped everything from the little rituals of daily life, to the location and architecture of entire cities. Whether or not you think astrology is fake, the beauty of the stars is real!


Want a little more interactive quality to your thirst media? Then you NEED to sign up for news about Kiss U, a very spicy high fantasy dating sim from Babs Tarr and Sam Thurman, crowdfunding in March!

Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself to the nice things that make you feel loved and beautiful. If you’re in the market, we are very intrigued by the newly launched Mokapuff shop, selling “demure lace jewelry for the undercover magical girl”.

Speaking of magical girls, can we talk about the amazing IRL fashion stylings of this hunky Mamoru Chiba lookalike???

On a serious note: sometimes love is also about loss and grief, and if you’re looking for an outlet for expressing pandemic mourning in the era of “getting back to normal,” you may want to look into the COVID Loss Quilt Project, a beautiful collaborative art project accepting submissions until Sunday, March 20, 2022.

Closing out with a sincere expression of communal love and joy, we salute these young men acting out many of the actual inspirations for our very own Comrade Himbo!

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Romance Roundtable #52: Classmates

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