Afternoon Snack

It’s the first Afternoon Snack of March and we’re very happy to have you here. We hope you kick off your shoes and enjoy some nice things we saw around the internet.

A new, very lovely and introspective tabletop game is coming!! Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast is a slice-of-life tabletop game featuring cooking, fishing, and general wandering around mechanics. Playing the game also creates a physical legacy of the story, and the characters seem unique and compelling. It’s coming to Kickstarter in March 2022, so keep an eye out!

If we have to be on a plane, may we all be lucky enough to have this lady as our neighbor.

We’ll just be over here, literally cackling at Robert Pattinson trying to explain Aeris/Aerith/Tifa to The Batman co-star Zoë Kravitz.

Hank the Tank has been saved!! Apparently, the large, 500-pound bear that Lake Tahoe residents had accused of burglarizing almost 3 dozen homes in the last six months was actually SEVERAL different large, very rotund bears!

Attention train lovers! This is an amazingly researched and very in-depth piece on the history of Japan’s transit network and the cost of overcoming extreme transit difficulties in 1960s Tokyo. Look, we just like trains! This is so interesting!

The Mountain Goats’ album “All Hail West Texas” has turned 20, and Keegan Bradford has a beautiful piece about this beautiful album on Stereogum. Recommended to all who were teens and pre-teens in the 2000s.

Few things could be so on-brand for us then this cropped “HAG SWAG” sweatshirt!!

And today, we’ll just leave you with this.

Happy Afternoon Snack!
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