Afternoon Snack

Ha, phew, huff, hrrrrnh, we made it to another week. Let’s kick back and take a much-needed breather with this tasty Afternoon Snack!

To start on a dead serious note: our home state of Texas is extra scary for trans kids and parents right now, with CPS knocking on doors to investigate people who even have adult trans kids, and Texas Children’s Hospital (the largest children’s hospital in the country) ceasing to provide gender-affirming care, thanks to our good-for-nothing governor. Here’s what you can do if you or a loved one need help protecting yourselves.

Friend of POME Jen Vaughn has a whole new graphic novel out, and there’s a VERY SPOOPY trailer for it, too! Check it out and grab a copy if you’re down to clown in a ghost town (sorry, Jen).

Need a place to remotely exhibit and sell your comics and zines in the middle of what would “normally” be con season? Apply for the Bluestocking Comics Fest, running May 23-29, run by a literally radical worker-owned organization!

First reviews of the Star Wars “LARP hotel” are in, and they’re… pretty critical! I guess if you’re a parent willing to throw down several months’ rent for a weekend vacation, you at least expect a spa to escape to? (Can’t relate, tbh.)

Need some extra backup to convince your boss that remote work, well, works? Check out this actually kind of fascinating interview with hybrid work pioneers from way back in the 60s!

We will never leave you guessing on the latest news on the yaoi paddle beat, and that’s a POME promise. The latest yaoi paddle legal battle gossip is on Anime News Network, and if you’re hankering for a little trip back to the late aughts, we highly recommend the YouTube documentary cited within, and its surprisingly wholesome comment section.

Maybe you already saw this brilliant take on THE milf anthem of the aughts, but JUST IN CASE, you truly won’t regret this genderbent cover!!! We live in hell: treat yourself!

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