Afternoon Snack

Wow, we did it, we made it another week. We tried to rustle some good things to share with you, we hope you enjoy this Afternoon Snack!

They found the Endurance!!! Something fun in the news for once!!

It was International Women’s Day this last week, and to celebrate you should check out this list of 9 essential Black film makers! All the movies collected in this list are from before 1981, free to stream, and well worth your time!!

We’ll never not post extremely good Sailor Moon content.

We shouldn’t be disappointed in the large, terrible corporations that control and define our media landscape, but we are still upset and angry about Disney and the anti-same sex position it’s taken. Hey Mouse — do better.

Related: love to see Disney suffer.

Good short king content 👑

A good article to send to your friends with Marxist tendencies who also express a casual interest in NFTs. TDLR: capitalism is unsustainable longterm and needs to make up new, harmful areas to continue to capitalize on, and artists (and humans) everywhere will suffer for it.


Do y’all remember Pushing Daisies? Here is a great article on the how the show merges genres and aesthetic to reach a pinnacle of pastiche and queer historical callbacks!

Pushing Daisies is not only an amalgamation of styles perfectly rendered both as replica and as contextualized within the show’s broader televisual language, but specifically styles rooted in the past and cemented as parts of the consumption habits of a particular set of gay and queer people, artifacts that shaped an expression of queer culture. These are references to another time, made by people for whom a history of popular culture contoured space and being. In another pandemic, the bridge between past and present shrinks, and escapist fantasy remains haunted by reality. Or perhaps our reality has a bit of light let in.


To continue to focus on GOOD things, the number of Black-owned business are up 30% from pre-pandemic levels, and Black women are driving a lot of that growth!

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoyed this small Afternoon Snack. We’ll see you next time!

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