Afternoon Snack

Welcome back to Afternoon Snack! Today we bring you tasty treats ranging from queer love in wrestling to unions in our anime. Pull up a chair, let’s dive in!

Start your week off with these Deep Cuts from ye Olde Internet. This is the kinds of ethics in video games journalism we are here for.

Speaking of excellent journalism, we appreciate Jay Edidin out here asking the hard questions — who would be a better sex ed teacher, Professor X or Magneto?? And if we’re being honest, we concur with this articles conclusion!

An alert for things to through your money at!! This BL sports comic is launching on Kickstarter TODAY, and honestly it looks absolutely delightful. Rivals to lovers?? Two men enter the ring, one LOVE leaves?? We’re sold.

If you happen to be either a fan of math or of Dragon Ball Z, or even both!, we recommend this extremely in-depth article on the quixotic nature of power levels and canon (or lack there-of).

Hop into my way-way-back machine and let’s talk about Mad Men — a show that highlighted terrible men and the women who had to deal with them. But also, pencil skirts!! Many a piece has been written about the amazing work of Janie Bryant and the Mad Men wardrobe, but this article takes an excellent look at the story Bryant told through clothing and how that resonated with viewers.

If you are interested in both unions and the under-appreciated show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, we have a special gift just for you — a look into season 4 episode “Bar Association,” featuring everybody’s favorite (???) Ferengi, Quark. It delves into both the good and the bad around how unions and labor are represented in this show, and gives us this heartwarming quote from O’Brien about his long-ago ancestor:

“He was more than a hero—he was a union man!”

Tag yr selves

Thank you to Dr. Stephanie Howard-Smith for this very good and very thorough megathread on corgis, Bridgerton, and the time-honored tradition of winning a ladies heart at the grace of her beloved pet.

Speaking of labor unions, here’s a piece about why anime voice actors are asking Crunchyroll to move to union dubbing. Stephanie Sheh (Usagi in Sailor Moon), says:

“The support for unionization among the fandom has been overwhelming. The fans are the consumers. They are the ones that make the big companies money. Their voice matters. Keep the conversation alive on social media and tag the studios.”

Thank you for joining us! We hope this small snack gives you a bit of a boost, even a tiny one. We’ll catch you at the next snack time!

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