Afternoon Snack

It’s the first Afternoon Snack of April! To celebrate here are some of our favorite things: from steamy dating games to collective labor strikes. Let’s get started!

If you were on the internet in the early 2010’s there is no way you were not somehow exposed to the Sherlock, and more specifically, the Cumberbatch fandom. Palmer Haasch brings us an excellent look at that ye olde time, and is something that we feel like could speak to a lot of fandom experiences!

Women Write About Comics always has the best comics writing around, and this review of Pixels of You (Ananth Hirsh, Yuko Ota, and J. R. Doyle) by Kathryn Hemmann is no exception!

The KISS U Kickstarter is live!!! The POME crones are thrilled about this one — it’s got spice, it’s got demon babes and tiger himbos, it’s got an “enthusiastic consent engine”?? We are onboard!!

(There might even be a demo you can check out…)

An upsetting look at just what goes into the frankly EXCESSIVE gift bags that Oscar nominees were given this year. The stars, they’re just like us, huh????

Etsy sellers are going on strike!! If you are an Etsy seller and want to participate, you can put your store in vacation mode April 11-18, or for just April 11, depending on your situation. Etsy shoppers — support the strike by boycotting Etsy for that week!

Apparently there was a very high-production value Pokémon Musical in 2000?? Somehow I missed this in my own Pokémon fever haze, but luckily there is a 68-minute documentary now available to remind us what 2000 was really all about — catching them all.

A good thread about the differences between the manga industry and the American GN industry, and some of the challenges that we face in the US when it comes to implementing that kind of model.

POME is definitely back on it’s Bridgerton bullshit, and with good reason — season 2 is out and it’s got our new favorite sisters, Kate and Edwina Sharma. In this TeenVogue piece, Vandana Pawa talks about the beautiful, intimate moments the sisters share, and how they are expressed with cultural traditions that mean so much to so many.

Attenborough heads rejoice!! Our boy is narrating a new series in May that will take us back, wayyyy back, to 66 million years ago.

WowGrandma78 is the Twitch-streamer of our dreams, and she just turned 80!! Happy birthday, WowGrandma78, and may all your raids be fruitful!

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