Afternoon Snack

Congratulations, you made it through Tax Day (hopefully)! Reward yourself for your Herculean efforts—or for simply not living in the USA—with this Afternoon Snack!

Remember a simpler time, before the Forever Wars, when we could simply get hype for a brand-new Star War? Us neither, but this sure stirred up some feels nonetheless.

We have been eagerly awaiting the Nimona animated adaptation for 84 years, and now we only have to wait about a year more: she just got a new 2023 release date!

ComicsBeat has their 2021 BookScan analysis up, and we are HOOTING and HOLLERING like never before!!! LET’S GOOOO, OUR PAL GABY!!!!

“But the Top 20 is not only Dav Pilkey! What breaks his hold on the market? Why, it is a graphic novel based on Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club! The ninth entry, Claudia and the New Girl, now illustrated by Gabriela Epstein, places as the #6 best-selling comic, with 313k copies sold. Epstein is the third creator to do a The Baby-Sitters Club GN, and for it to launch stronger than ever is surely a good omen for Scholastic.”

Continuing the post-Bridgerton PR bonanza for the sizzling season 2 leads, Jonathan Bailey got a big profile in the New York Times. We were sort of distracted by the lede, in which we learn that Jonathan is keeping busy on the stage, starring in a play called “Cock.” 👀

I don’t know what good thing we did to deserve this, but Kristen Stewart is a benevolent god, giving us the lesbian bodybuilding thriller we absolutely now can’t live without.

And speaking of exciting muscles, we close out today by looking respectfully at this jacked train conductor who loves to lift with a puppy spotter.

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