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Hi friends, welcome to Afternoon Snack! This week we bring you unionized games, strange SIMS things, and the dream of kickflipping your way through Hell.

Some kind words and useful advice for folks who are interested in learning a heritage language from folks who have been (or are!) there.

The POME crones are BIG Dragon Age fans, so this news of solidarity warms our shriveled crone hearts. Congratulations to the workers at KWS Edmonton United!!

  1. Watch RRR, immediately
  2. Read this
  3. Extra credit: watch Baahubaali

Apparently there are adoption agencies for traumatized SIMS 4 children??

Many of these adoption applications ask for your Sims age, profession, and the kind of home they’d be raising the Sim in. One application I filled out asked if any of the Sims in that household had a criminal history. But more often, they are another space for Simmers to use the game to tell stories—essentially, you’re being asked to plead your case, and prove to the agency that you’re the best person to raise this Sim child.

I have nothing to add other than that this game looks sick and the idea of Tony Hawk-ing your way through the underworld is also sick.

A very well described sentiment that many of us can probably relate to, especially now (always???).

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