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Friends! POMEs! We have a bit of an announcement to make! This is going to be our last Afternoon Snack for the foreseeable future. In fact, you might notice that content on the site is updating less than it used to — but don’t worry! This is on purpose! Your POME crones are busy working behind the scenes to get some things in order, and that means a bit of a slowdown here on the site. We are SO EXCITED for the things we’ve got cookin’ up, but until we can share them with you properly, you’ll probably hear from us a bit less than you’re used to.

So for now friends, we bring you this final Afternoon Snack to tide you over!

Apparently the Sims 2 port to the DS in 2005 was a real surprise for the lucky(?) kids who got it — technical constraints and weird gameplay decisions made the experience weirdly spooky and absurd, a compelling “fever-dream” that players still talk about today.

In maybe unsurprising but certainly despicable news, Starbucks has fired a labor organizer for refusing to remove a mental health awareness pin. Since the employees firing, the union has filed a claim with the US National Labor Relations Board asserting that this employee was targeted for his union activities.

This author has just recently started replaying Final Fantasy X, is is so happy to be part of the weird, niche, cultural zeitgeist again.

Just amazing!!

It is absolutely wild that the Serial podcast has potentially contributed to Adnan Syed’s release from prison, being cleared of all charges, after spending 23 years in prison. Even further, DNA that could point to the real killer was found, so this story isn’t over yet.

Nothing has made the POMEs collectively feel more ancient than hearing about how Gen Z feels about the thumbs up emoji. Cannot believe that youngsters think that reaction GIFs are boomer material.

Luckily one youth has at least saved the 😭:

We, like so many, were so saddened to hear about Angela Lansbury’s passing. She was an icon, she meant so much to so many, and we will never forget her.

A subreddit being good actually??

As the readers of many, MANY a regency romance, we love to learn!!

That’s all from us this week, dear POMEs! Stay tuned — this may be the last Afternoon Snack for now, but there’s tons more coming y’alls way soon enough. See you soon!

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