Afternoon Snack

As we sail through the last afternoon snack of May, we bring you some of our favorite things – loud women, 90s cartoons, witches, and cats. It doesn’t really get any more on brand than that.



Lindy West has a new book!! It’s called Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman, and we are very excited to read it. You might know Lindy West as a current writer for The Guardian, a former writer for Jezebel, or for her story about an internet troll who had created a twitter account as her dead father in order to mock her, which was featured on This American Life.



On the internet nothing is real, especially history. As a bored middle schooler in 2003, one dude planted the seeds of a beautiful social experiment that is still bearing fruit today – by mixing truth and lies when writing about the kitschy 90s cartoon Street Sharks. The misinformation spread across the internet, causing people even years later to insist that one (fake) character was their favorite, or that they still have a specific (fake) episode of the show recorded on VHS. It would be truly horrifying, if it wasn’t also pretty funny.



We of the POME coven are obviously very into witches and crones, and we are pretty stoked to see that we are just one coven of many.

While there are plenty of male witches, it’s the female witch archetype who’s been reclaimed as a potent figure casting a spell over fashion, pop culture and academia with her badass symbolism – a perfectly imperfect icon of strength and complex womanhood, where darkness and light exist unapologetically side-by-side.

Yessssssssss ????????????



Given that so many women find freedom and community in the idea of a witchy coven, it’s no surprise that so many women became so involved with the séances of Victorian society. Women found themselves with more power as the medium in a séance than they did in any other aspect of their lives, and just like a coven they became the one place that women could rule.



One truly innovative Vermont-based company has figured out a way to save songbirds while simultaneously embarrassing household cats around the worlds. PUT SCRUNCHIES ON THE KITTIES.







And there you have it! Enjoy your fleeting Monday, remember time and history aren’t real, and let us know the results of your next séance!


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