Afternoon Snack

Good afternoon, dear POMEs! This week, like every week, is already moving at a brisk pace, and we’d like to take this opportunity to just ask the week to chill out. This week should just get a lemonade and join us in enjoying these cool things we found on the internet.



We here at POME will always link to good articles that deal with why ‘witches’ and ‘witchy’ things are appealing. This article on the awesome and problematic power of witches, and why women and girls find them so enthralling, is pretty great. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Not only has witchcraft historically offered women power that they might not otherwise be able to access, but witches offer girls and women an alternative role model to the ubiquitous young, beautiful Disney princess. A witch can be any age; a witch does not need to be conventionally attractive; a witch does not wait for a prince charming, nor does she rely on anyone but herself. Given that, the witch’s appeal is easy to appreciate.



Speaking of why women are into witches and the origins of Spiritualism, this piece on New Republic goes into how the new, all-lady Ghostbusters reboot is far more connected to the tradition of Spiritualism than its 1984 originator.





We thoroughly enjoyed this engrossing Longread on thinking about your last name when it is absolutely meaningless to your identity



Sand Diego Comic-Con gave us more than a few excellent and not-so-excellent trailers to get hype about, but this American Gods trailer is everything. ???? ????



Brie Larson is our new Captain Marvel! What does everybody think??



SCIENCE HAS DETERMINED THAT READING HARRY POTTER WILL MAKE YOU ANTI-TRUMP. There are so many things to take away from this, least of which is not the very obvious but still satisfying comparison of Trump and Lord Voldemort. The real question is, what does the Drumpf use as his horcruxes???



Well, that’s about what we got for you, POMEs. The week can resume at its normal briskness. We’re going back to look for more lemonade.


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