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International Sailor Moon Day has come and gone, and we’ve got a full recap of the event coming tomorrow! For now, here’s a collection of some of the best things we saw last week.



Some might watch the Olympics for the medals, the feats of strength, the peaks that can be achieved through human effort – and that’s all legit but let’s talk about how impeccably dressed the Cuban team is!!!



If there’s not a gold medal for best dressed then maybe there should be.



These creepy pictures of forgotten and abandoned Olympic stadiums of Olympics-past cast a sobering look at the cost of the games.



Channing Tatum will star in the remake of Splash as the dang mermaid and what a time to be alive, what a time to be alive!!



Here are some thoughts on why Gudetama, a depressed egg yolk mascot, is becoming more and more popular in Japan and abroad. And here is a picture of the little dude, because man do I feel that.





This article on the article-of-clothing-that-never-dies, the cargo short, is an interesting read in and of itself, but we highly recommend following it up with this article on VICE, which references cargo shorts in relation to America, the patriarchy, and the exhalations of Vishnu.



Former-Toast contributor Jaya Saxena wrote this piece about the ‘dadification’ of Tim Kaine – how Tim Kaine went from a very ‘meh’ VP choice in the eyes of many to the Nice Dad out of a 90s sitcom in the eyes of the internet. If you’re feeling a little tl;dr, here’s a great bit from the end:

A politician is supposed to represent the views of the people, someone who will enact our collective will. But the fandom of politics seems to invert that process. Now there is a cult of personality, and this person is no longer being held responsible for anything but themselves. Support has turned to “love,” which makes it hard to be critical. Someone criticizing your mom inspires defensiveness in a way someone criticizing an elected official does not. And it’s harder to be disappointed in Dad than it is a man you don’t know.



Oprah Winfrey has been cast in Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time!! We have high hopes for this one, y’all.



There is a website that exists called Are men talking too much? and it allows a user to do one thing – press a button for when a dude is talking, and press another button for when not a dude is talking. Papermag brings us this interview with the website’s creator, Cathy Deng, and why she felt it necessary to create such a beautiful gem of a site.



That’s all for now, POMEs! Check back tomorrow to see how our Austin Sailor Moon celebrations went down. Until then, this is POME, signing off!


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