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Hello dearest POMEs! In this post-the-second-presidential-debate world, you might be as  hungry for something NOT Trump or Clinton related. Well my dears, we are here to deliver! Read on and remember what life was like before this dang election took over every aspect of our waking lives.



Hoooo boy. On the difficult subject of the commodification of feminism, here’s a look at H&M’s bombastic and positive autumn 2016 ad video.



Wow this is online retailer thieving / general shittiness taken to a NEW EXTREME, WHAT IS HAPPENING



House stuck in the middle of the gosh-dang street. Keep Austin perplexed, y’all.



The second-evolutions of the starters in the new Pokémon game have been announced and they are all precious angels.


That being said, some people are upset because Brionne (the cute and fluffy blue seal) is too ‘feminine’. Jimmies status: rustled.



This semi-longread about yuri and how lesbian mangaka are expanding on what that genre can encompass is definitely worth your time today.



Kate McKinnon, everybody – perfect cinnamon roll & beautiful genius. (And possibly the first woman on SNL to play a president?????? YES I KNOW I SAID NO PREZ STUFF BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT)



Republicans acting like Trump crashed their houseparty & nobody invited him that are all “I have a daughter so I can’t even with this dude rn” need to take a look at this oldie from The Toast. (Dear The Toast, we will never forget you.)



A handy reference for trying not to die by foodbourne illness when you’re a trash person with nasty food in your fridge.



OK I know I mentioned what I promised I wouldn’t this time around BUT Y’ALL I’M ONLY HUMAN. Here’s hoping we all survive the next four weeks with a modicum of our sanity. ????????????


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