Afternoon Snack

As we move ever closer to that coldest, longest night of the Winter Solstice, gather your loved ones and try to keep warm by feasting on these most delicious snacks from the Internet that we’ve scrounged up for you this week.



This powerful article by Ta-Nehisi Coates for The Atlantic, My President Was Black, talks about what it meant to so many Americans to have the Obamas in the White House, to see them rise up above fear and hatred and be beacons to us all.



The only holiday playlist we need in this life.




If that headline doesn’t make your day, nothing will.



We hope you are not tired of hearing about Yuri!!! on ICE because we will never be tired of talking about it and we are so so glad that Women Write About Comics chose to write about this beautiful, glorious show. #blessed



Has Millennial Nostalgia Gone Too Far, Or Has It Finally Gone Far Enough? Let’s Discuss:




In Defense of Pettiness – bury me in pillars of salt.



In case you needed some high-class magical beauty in your life, join us in gawking at these gorgeous Sailor Moon rings (available in rose gold?!?!?!?)




And with that we leave you to your holiday festivities. Drink something warm, chill out with the ones you love, and bake some sugary goods to keep you through the upcoming wintery nights.


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