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It’s springtime and today the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is having a hearing on Russia’s attempts to interfere with US elections – so let’s get to the other stuff that keeps us sane while the flowers bloom and Americans try to remember how democracy works.



A handy guide of 10 ways to really support diversity in comics.



Thinx has been everywhere with their “millennial-friendly” marketing, but it turns out that behind the feminist brand, the reality for those that actually work at Thinx are less than ideal. (Editor’s note: Literally the exact opposite of Atelier, which continues to be a beacon of light in a dark world.)



Dogs try so hard, y’all.



Cool tape turns everything into a LEGO surface!!!!!! LEGO all the things!!!!!!



The students of the University of Texas have made history by electing their first Latina and differently-abled student president. Alejandrina Guzmán and her running mate Micky Wolf ran on the slogan RALLY – Representing All Longhorns Like You – and we are so excited to see what they do for the campus.



This is a good, thoughtful article about My Neighbor Totoro, and how its straying from the Hero’s Journey lends itself to a moving, relaxing, comforting experience.

“There is an irony in applying a Bazinian approach to Miyazaki, though. Bazin loved the way that features of the real world showed up in De Sica’s frames; he loved what De Sica allowed to happen, often by chance. But in an animated film, nothing happens by chance—every moment of apparent “realism” or spontaneity or happenstance in a Miyazaki film arrives there through hours of painstaking drawing and painting. De Sica shows his affection for the real world by allowing reality to sneak into the boundaries of the frame. Miyazaki consecrates the real world—the real world of children, in particular—by drawing it into existence.”



“Me voy pa carajooooo!”



There you have it! And remember, anytime you feel like screaming into a pillow because American democracy has been compromised, somewhere out there is a little dog barreling through an obstacle course, falling on his face, and getting right back up again. Hera bless all dogs.


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