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Get ready for some nice things, some bullshit, and also a lot of things about The Handmaid’s Tale, y’all. We’ve got it all on this week’s Afternoon Snack!!



A guide to read manga legally, you cheap bastards (this post goes out to college-me, who I continuously side-eye throughout space and also time)



A cool new thing about how to do comics things, up over on Iron Circus Comics!



Fuck Texas Senate Bill 4. Fuck this racist bill.



Ok attention y’all!! A cool new Mass Effect clothing line for fashionable hipsters has emerged and we didn’t think we were the type of people to wear video game clothes but we are ashamed how into it we are.




This is a super cool article about the custome design in The Handmaid’s Tale! Reading these little details, like Offred’s boots or the inverted vagina in the Aunts’ collars, show an incredible attention to detail and love for the show.



A good article on how a post-racial interpretation of The Handmaid’s Tale misses an opportunity to address the real life racism that underscores the issues of fertility control in US history, and how the current administration values white women’s fertility over that of women of color.



It seems like the marketing strategy behind Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale includes distancing the work from any overtly political connotations, because for some reason this bullshit idea that works geared towards women and deal with women’s issues are “niche”. Way to play to your audience, I fucking guess.



Ok, despite whatever nonsense was going down in that panel, Elisabeth Moss knows that The Handmaid’s Tale is a feminist work. Take a cue from Moss, everybody! Let that feminist flag wave.




Okay y’all, Mallory Ortberg has a tinyletter called the Shatner Chatner which is great in an of itself BUT ALSO in the most recent newsletter she shares a bit of gossip which SUPPORTS OUR LONG-HELD THEORY that Channing Tatum is bi!!!!!!!!




It’s a real mixed bag this week but I’m glad we could end on Channing Tatum because it’s really one of the things keeping us together this week. Bless y’all, bless Channing Tatum, and bless this mess.


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