Afternoon Snack

Welcome to our first week post-the-French-presidential-election, where we take our first breath of relief. Good job, France!! Thank you for saving the world.

On to that Afternoon Snack goodness!



This is a beautiful piece about how a woman connects to her father after his release from prison. It’s beautiful and I cried.



Apparently female dragonflies feign their feign their own death by divebombing out of the sky in order to escape unwanted male attention, and just, dang. These lady dragonflies are all of us.



There are so many things to appreciate about Our Lady Oprah, but one thing that is not talked about enough is her amazing eyeglasses collection! She matches her outfits with her frames! She is truly an icon.



I know this is late to the party but I will never get tired of hearing about the trainwreck that was Fyre Festival. What a fucking dream.



Our new favorite train passenger is just really excited about American Gods, y’all.



The very amazing Reimina Yee has made merch of this ancient Turkish skeleton mosaic which says “be cheerful and live your life”.



This McSweeney’s article, “Nevertheless, He Persisted” is a fucking gem and also very uncomfortably real.



This letter from 1993 by Martin Scorsese is still scarily relevant today — cultural diversity is something our society needs to survive and thrive, and arguing against that is going down a scary road.



Charmz is a new comics imprint for young female-identified readers, and it just launched with 3 brand new titles! If there’s a young lady in your life who would dig these stories, be sure to spread that comics love.



The Defenders trailer dropped (we’re late, we know) and I want this to be good so badly (DESPITE EVERYTHING) because Sigourney Weaver is my literal favorite and why didn’t anybody tell me she was going to be in this before???



Thank you Reductress, truer words have never been spoken.



Here is a list of every dumb idiot who voted “yes” on the House’s stupid healthcare bill. Now you know who to call, folks.



I didn’t think I would ever need another hot take on Stan Lee, but this is a very good hot take on Stan Lee.



That’s all for this week, folks! Spend the rest of your day cheering on President Macron’s wife, who is 25-years his senior and killing it. Get it, grrrllllll!!


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