Afternoon Snack

Your weekly round up of all the good and interesting things we saw in the last seven days!



The trailer for Blade Runner 2049 is out and I NEED this to be good. Ryan Gosling, don’t let me down!!!




I’m very happy this Chris Pine could finally clear up all this confusion for us.



I don’t understand how this 63-year old professor wasn’t a fashion icon before she was accidentally mistaken for one during NYC Fashion Week?? But dang, #goals if we ever saw it!!



Does anybody else remember the Mangaverse? Nice try, Marvel.



This is a breathtaking piece about how the world treats people who have made porn, and how you will defend the people you surround yourself with and how they will save your life.



This piece about Dwayne Johnson makes me so happy and it’s written so well, and maybe this goodhearted dude with muscles bigger than my head can finally do something good in this world, y’all.



One mom’s review of the KFC romance novella we never asked for, “Tender Wings of Desire”.


“I thought,” she said, “after all that, there would be a coupon for chicken at the end.”



There are probably several ways to pitch to you this article, but I believe that the only two words that need to be said to ensure your interest are these: “cat cult”.



From the tinyletter of Anne Helen Petersen — “what the election has done to our moms”.


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Afternoon Snack

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