Afternoon Snack

Today we present to you our useful tasty fare of internet nonsense, which we hope you will savor like a fine wine, or at least like a $2 bottle from Trader Joe’s (whichever is nearest at hand).



Wow a Texas dude is suing his date after she texted during the movie, which is some real bullshit, and just a way for this extreme rando to seek his revenge on a lady who obviously felt uncomfortable during their date and was seeking an out. Good job, dude! Way to be an asshole.



Here is a rad anthology called Comics for Choice — a crowdfunded book that is raising money for the National Network of Abortion Funds. If you dig comics and also women’s reproductive rights, be sure to check it out!



There’s a Golden Girls version of Clue coming out and we’re just saying that anytime is a good time for presents HINT HINT



We will never be sorry about poking fun at Julian Assange but really he’s making it too easy at this point.



If you are constantly on the lookout for even the smallest scrap of Dragon Age news like we are, then you will be happy to grasp at this tiny bit of an update regarding hopefully the next DA installment and who is writing it.



I think this article is a little more hopeful than I am but it’s a decent look at how josei hasn’t been promoted in the US; but also: I can’t believe this article fails to mention Suppli but nobody’s perfect I guess.



This is a good, heartwarming story about ministries in Dallas working in refugee advocacy, and how they’re helping to make Dallas one of Texas’s most welcoming cities for refugees.



We look forward to the treats we can bring you in next week’s Afternoon Snack, and what other food/drink metaphors we can explore together!


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