Afternoon Snack

After a long weekend here in the US, we’re back at it with this new installation of Afternoon Snack!



Y’all that Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna movie is happening!!!!!! This is the film we needed, but not the one we deserve!!!



A good piece about the problems with Twintelle (Nintendo’s newest character addition to the fighting game ARMS), and black hair in video games.




This is a bit of an old interview with Laurenn McCubbin, but it’s a good take on the intersection between art and comics.



The internet is a weird place but for once we’re using that collective weirdness for good by getting Neil Gaiman to read the Cheesecake Factory menu for charity. Get involved! All proceeds benefit the United Nations Refugee Agency!



A GoFundMe Campaign Is Not Health Insurance — a powerful comic about community and care, or the lack thereof, in the United States.



Special K, I know you’re trying to be feminist and supportive, but come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn






A look at Woman Woman through the decades, and how she came to be defined both by the people writing her stories and the people reading them.



That’s all for this week! Take care of each other, yall.


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Romance Roundtable #52: Classmates

Today we’re covering Volumes 1 and 2 of Asumiko Nakamura’s Classmates: a sweet boys’ love manga about two extremely teenaged boys falling for each other and figuring things out about themselves along the way.

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