Afternoon Snack

You awake from a long sleep. You stretch your muscles, yawn, and sit up. You’re hungry — not just physically, but emotionally, mentally. You reach for the nearest internet device. An Afternoon Snack appears before you —  you are sated.



Last week we talked about the extremely upsetting cover for Image’s The Divided States of Hysteria — this week, Women Write About Comics has a form letter for expressing that outrage. Pulling the cover is not enough.



I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF POSTING ABOUT LESBIAN KEN — luckily Autostraddle has a gallery of all of the internet’s submitted Lesbian Ken cosplays, and honestly I could not be happier.



The amazing and talented Paloma Hernandez (friend of POME and generally great human!) and her co-founder Sunmi got some love for their Dandelion Collective on Vice!!! So excited to see these amazing creators getting the recognition they deserve!!



There’s a really interesting conversation going on in Comics Twitter right now. Deb Aoki asks “why do so many English-language comics readers connect with manga/anime in a way that they don’t with American comics?” The conversation involves all kinds of aspects: from the emphasis on art, to language, to niche subjects, to consistent creative teams, people have their own reasons for connecting to Japanese comics and shows. David Brothers gives another interesting side of the argument: manga is the way it is because everything behind it (marketing, publishing, licensing) makes it different. Is this a model that can even be imported?



We honestly loved Spider-man: Homecoming, but this article about the lack of women and femme agency in the movie is right on the mark.



We love everything Carly Rae, and this take comes from a perspective we would not (could not) have considered before — the perspective of a mother, the way that CRJ and pop music has come to exemplify her relationship with her children, to exemplify the lingering moments that make up childhood.



Feeling rejuvenated, you close the Afternoon Snack. Your week begins!


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