Afternoon Snack

Welcome to what is potentially the last Game of Thrones-free Afternoon Snack we may have for a while!!! No guarantees once the think pieces start rolling in, folks.



Ok if you’re going to talk about Dad-Vegeta then we are here for that



If you’re a plus-sized lady who’s interested in sewing but maybe doesn’t know where to start, this post has some great tips for making clothes you like that fit you well!



A long read about Kali Uchis — where she was, where she is, where she’s going.



Ok now people are ranking the American Girl Dolls by gayness and we are so happy this is a trend!!!



A glimpse into the history of Marvel’s first female superhero that was written by a woman! The Claws of the Cat did a lot of things that other female superheroes would struggle with — like coming into her powers on her own terms, learning under the stewardship of a respected female role model, straying away from the “pose and shoot” powers typical of later female heroes in favor of close combat and physical prowess. Although The Cat only lasted 4 issues, it was an auspicious start for Marvel that would fall to the wayside as the company instead tried to make their female heroes more palatable for men.






Also: Every take on how having a female Doctor is PC Culture Run Amok is the worst take.




wowowowowoOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW look at this!!!!!! So many she-roes in one place!!!!!!



Good news, everyone! The next game from the maker of “Her Story” has been announced and it’s going to be a political thriller because that’s the world we live in, y’all.



Ok, NOW you can hit us with those GoT feels — we’re ready!!!


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