Afternoon Snack

With the solar eclipse only a week away, we spend the next 7 days in eager anticipation of our alien overlords descending upon us. In the meantime, let’s look at the internet!



We love our comic book movies but also [cackles in Petty]



This is a good system for helping saleswomen at conventions call for help when creeps around, but the fact that it’s even necessary is so incredible depressing.



A good, thoughtful article about identity politics on the Left, and how to navigate criticism of politicians from marginalized groups in this, the year of our lord 2017.



A pizza truck crashed in Alabama, spewing blameless, innocent frozen pizzas all over the sweltering highway. A pizza tragedy. RIP those pizzas.



Hell yeah, Disney stores are now selling official Ms. Marvel costumes!!!! Get one for every kickass little girl in your life!



This Buzzfeed quiz where you tag yourself as Renaissance babies and they tell you what kind of drunk you are is eerily accurate and I’m kind of mad about it.



@ that Google Manifesto guy and also any asshole tech-bro ever.



Also, we’re ready for this solar eclipse.



That’s all for now — see y’all next week when we fully embrace our inevitable doom as the moon and sun overlap and everlasting darkness claims our days.



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