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Now that the solar eclipse has passed us by, we eagerly anticipate the impending end of all we know and an auspicious beginning under our new overlords, the Dead Moon Circus!



Jokes about the moon aside, this is so heartbreaking.



Though this piece is about queer and trans suicidality, I found it thought-provoking and helpful for thinking about what it means to care for one another and one’s community while we are still alive. Morgan Page and Sarah Schulman touch on many topics during this conversation, including activism, political funerals, and repairing conflict, all in the context of the many decades of struggle that has been ongoing in queer and trans communities:

“I think, in terms of self-care versus community care, I think it’s really difficult for people in my age group, not that I can speak for all of us, but I think it’s very di cult for us to understand generationally what the AIDS crisis was like and the very different way that people were interacting with each other in care relationships. One of the things that a lot of people don’t know is that the lesbian community in particular stepped up to be in-person caregivers for so many people before better medications were available. And I think this is something we can learn from, in terms of suicide and in terms of so many other things going on in our community, that we can step up for each other in ways that can a ect the outcome. And that stepping up doesn’t just mean—though it does mean—showing up to the hospital. It also means being a patient advocate, and it means taking that advocacy even further to ensure that someone like Bryn isn’t put on the men’s ward ever again, not just in her case, but in all cases, you know? I think, to me, that’s what collective care looks like, when we not only show up on the actual day, we don’t just show up on the night Bryn dies to take care of Gaines, we also continue to show up to make sure that the social conditions that Sarah outlines so eloquently are not reproduced, that we do everything in our power to stop them.” — Morgan Page




On an entirely different note, St. Vincent is directing a female-led adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray and wow nothing could be more perfect!!






On why Tina Fey’s “sheetcaking” skit is, while well-intentioned, a problematic recommendation for combating white supremacy.



Joss Whedon is a trash man ????



Several of the crones behind POMEmag spent time at the University of Texas at Austin, so the news that the school removed Confederate statues from the campus over the weekend IS VERY EXCITING,  HOOK ‘EM!!!!






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