Afternoon Snack

August 28, 2017 at 11:30 am

POME is located in Austin, Texas, and while most of us here dealt with rains, winds, and mild flooding and damage, it’s minor compared to what those living near the Texas coast are suffering. If you’d like to help people in Houston or the Gulf Coast right now, here is a good list to get you started. Take care of each other, y’all.



SpaceX’s new suits are here and they look just like Mass Effect suits — COINCIDENCE?????? Either way, we’re stoked for this space #aesthetic.



There is a scam happening in the YA lit world as it seems like a previously unheard-of book called The Handbook for Mortals somehow magically appeared on the NYT best sellers list with an insane amount of sales in its published week — which is curious, as apparently nobody has it in stock. Pajiba has all the deets and we are eating this drama up, holy cow!!




Omfg they are making dance games for Persona 5 and Persona 3, yessssSSSSSSSSSSS



Look, gossip can be good and it often is the only way that marginalized voices can build networks together.

What’s more often overlooked, though, is how, even in a world where organizing and community-building are facilitated by technological tools like social networking platforms and communication apps, gossip, whether online or in real life, is still, and will forever be, the main resource many communities have for regulating, protecting, and preserving themselves.



It’s a brief Afternoon Snack, but here’s that link again for helping the victims of hurricane Harvey. Stay together, and stay safe, y’all.


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