Afternoon Snack

It’s a beautiful afternoon in an intensely beautiful spring, so odds are pretty good that you guys are as eager to kick back as we are. Here are some things to check out while you’re wistfully staring out the window, wondering if those pink bluebonnets are a real thing.



Beach Witches!

Beach Witch is everything I want in a personal style, a #brand, an ethos. It is everything Health Goth is trying to be, before people got confused and thought it was about goths getting into juice cleanses and Crossfit.

In case you were wondering, Health Goth was apparently a trend that thinkpiece-y blogs speculated wildly about back in the fall, but apparently died off after five or six months of hypothetical glory. Was anybody actually “health goth” or did we all get tricked into thinking it was a real thing by the internet? Is health goth actually still around, and we believed the internet too easily about it going away? If you know, please pass that information along to us.



The line about women wanting to have sex with Robin Hood from the Disney Robin Hood movie is pretty good but my favorite part of this article is probably

If he can’t have a cruel mouth, he should have strong and callused hands, sort of rough but surprisingly gentle, like if it turned out his hands were actually made of doves, and he should be sort of dim but incredibly dedicated to you, he should be so dumb he can’t remember fractions but every day he builds you a four-poster sleigh bed out of oak and devotion and needs to have wordless but noisy sex on the hour and also needs help signing his own name


also I could really use an oaken four-poster sleigh bed. It’d be a real step up from the Ikea monstrosity I’m sleeping in now. My heart can always be swayed by antique-looking furniture.



I am so happy that articles about the difficulties first-generation university students face are popping up all over the place.




Let me clarify: it’s a documentary about Studio Ghibli, not a Ghibli-animated documentary.



Feminist Hackerspace Zine for grrrls in tech

Members have reframed a concern for women’s access to technical industries as one of recognizing technical work already there, destabilizing the unmarked categories of technical labor. Our hope is that this zine can help spur a wider discussion of the practices and criticisms that are happening in these spaces.




I don’t know what I was more excited for:  the return of Mad Men, or the return of Molly Lambert’s awesome Mad Men review column on Grantland. Here is the newest one.

“Please take advantage of me,” says Megan’s mother, Marie, to Roger, and Roger seems confused to hear it out loud, even though it’s a statement he’s always pictured in thought bubbles over women’s heads. This episode could have used more Roger and a lot more Pete, who appeared briefly in full golf-course regalia, dressed like Kanye in his preppy era.

So many astute observations, so little time to copy them over here, so just go read the column.



Finally, my Gilmore Girls rewatch kinda tapered off as I got closer and closer to Season 7, but I’ve been getting my Gilmore Girl fix by listening to Sam Phillips on Spotify after listening to her talk about the show’s music on that episode of Gilmore Guys. I was skeptical at first but that show is really good, you guys.



What are you guys reading/watching/listening to this week? Feel free to drop us a few links in the comments.

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