All The Kingdom Hearts Characters I Know

From my list of things that are as old as, or younger than, the Kingdom Hearts franchise last week, you might think that I am well-versed in the series’ lore and characters. But the truth is, despite being friends with and even living with a surprising number of Kingdom Hearts fans over the years, I never even left Kingdom Hearts 1’s very first hub world. That’s right: my only KH playthrough stalled out back in Traverse Town. I met Squall and immediately punched my ticket there.

Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 is out, I’m going to give the franchise another shot and I’m going to start my journey by laying out what I already know. I’ve probably absorbed a lot of what the series has to offer in my nearly two decades of sitting in rooms where people are playing through it, right? Let’s start with the basics anyway — here are all the Kingdom Hearts characters I’ve learned to recognize through seventeen years of social osmosis.



Anime Teens


Mullet Prime

Rose Quartz

Anime Teen Understudies

Solid Snake


oh wow, I guess Selphie’s still in these, huh?


Sailor Mercury

Detective Pikachu

Blond Sephiroth

Water Type Sephiroth

Pointy Sephiroth

Old (???) Sephiroth

Larry Hemsworth


I’m sure there are more Kingdom Hearts characters — and god knows that Kingdom Hearts 3 has probably tripled this number, at least. For now, I’ll work on getting at least these names and faces memorized before moving into more advanced Kingdom Hearts timeline lore and all the high level math required for that endeavor.

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CC Calanthe

CC Calanthe

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