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Omega 4 Replay: Episode 18

Our Archangel in Heaven

Rachel and CC finally encounter the Alien Cat Dinosaur Boyfriend of their dreams and waste no time locking it down. Read more.

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Porg Hell

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Star Wars Merchandising Hell

As Eve bit down on the fruit of knowledge, porgs stared down at her in abject horror, united in their understanding of what mankind had lost. Fill your life with porgs. Welcome to Porg Hell. Read more.

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Omega 4 Replay: Episode 17

Welcome to Omega: home of criminal masterminds and dreamy masked turians.

Read more.


8 Scented Gifts, Ranked By Stench

Rating popular “you are a woman” gifts by how likely they are to singe your nostrils

This guide will help you sort through the pile of obligatory scented holiday gifts and keep only the ones that won’t destroy your olfactory glands. Read more.

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Omega 4 Replay: Episode 16

You don't need a telescope to see these ~heavenly bodies~

This week's Omega 4 Replay might not be entirely safe work...unless you work on the Normandy. Then anything goes. Read more.


Riverdale Roundtable 9: “Silent Night, Deadly Night”

Deck the halls with South Side Santas

Today we’re talking about Season 2 Episode 9: “Silent Night, Deadly Night.” Last week's Riverdale was full of gifts: symbolism! communism! questions the show will probably never answer! So in the spirit of giving, we offer you this mid-season finale recap full of Riverdale shouting. Read more.


Riverdale Roundtable #8: “House of the Devil”

Blood is thicker than maple syrup.

Today we’re talking about Season 2 Episode 8: “House of the Devil.” Swim with us through these jingle-jangle-and-snake infested waters; join us in this Sad, Mad World. Read more.

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Just Desserts Recipe 6: Magical Girl Vengeance & Rock Candy Scepters

A sweet, pastel vengeance with a surprisingly powerful finish.

When combined with a strong Magical Girl Vengeance, these Rock Candy Scepters can embolden even the subtlest of flavors -- and can help you channel the lovely, tough guardian that you are in your heart. Read more.

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Are YOU allowed to do this to a woman? A quiz.

How To Not Be Trash

In this handy training tool, we’ll give you a sample interaction with a woman you don’t know. Then, you tell us who you are and we’ll tell you if it’s okay for you to go ahead and do that thing. Read more.

#comics, #videogames

Omega 4 Replay: Episode 15

Hello, Mass Effect 2!

New Commander Shepard, same Omega 4 Replay. This week's adventures: 2010 flashbacks and the Illusive Wifi Hotspot Read more.

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