Announcing the ETERNAL WITCHCRAFT Kickstarter

After months of blood sacrifices and dark summoning rituals, we’re proud to announce the Kickstarter for our latest book, Eternal Witchcraft a comics spellbook/anthology of witchy instructional comics for Crones and aspiring Crones alike. Teleport on over to the Eternal Witchcraft Kickstarter page to snag a copy for yourself! But keep reading to learn more about this project and why you should throw your hard-earned cash at this enchanting spellbook.

What is Eternal Witchcraft?

As any Crone can tell you: the best things in life are a little of what you know and a little of what you don’t; likewise, Eternal Witchcraft is part compilation, part fresh crone-tent. We’re collecting a few comics from our best-selling (and now out-of-print) Pocket Spellbooks, Charismatic Witchcraft and Sensible Witchcraft, and partnering them up with 13 all-new instructional spell comics in the ultimate collection for every witch, no matter where they are on their Maiden-Mother-Crone journey

Why Do I Need Eternal Witchcraft In My Life?

Existing on this hellish mortal plane, especially now — in the year of our Dark Lord 2019 — can take its toll on even the most gnarled of Crone’s hearts. Eternal Witchcraft is a reprieve from the horrors we face everyday; it is full of beautifully made comics that walk you through thoughtful, practical magic you can use in your daily life! A spell to keep your plants alive! A spell to reconnect with a lost friend! A spell to hex creeps! Learn not only how to protect yourself, but also how to nurture yourself, and find comfort in this community of crones who are dealing with the curse of existence right alongside you!

Who Contributed To This Book?

Eternal Witchcraft features 21 up-and-coming creators, all crafting comics to you bring a little more magic into your everyday life. This book has 200+ pages of enchanting knowledge, both ancient and modern, all bound together in the flayed skin of our enemies (jk — it’s a beautiful and very much paper cover by Annie Lin, featuring sparkling gold foil accents!).

Eternal Witchcraft Cover:

Eternal Witchcraft Contributors:

Eternal Witchcraft Editorial & Production:

How Can I Throw Money At This Book?

Apparate yourself over to the Eternal Witchcraft Kickstarter page to reserve your copy! And be sure to keep your aura sensitive to changes in the astral landscape because we’ll be announcing new reward tiers as we get closer to our goal!

Where Can I Direct Press Inquiries For Eternal Witchcraft?

We’re excited about Eternal Witchcraft, and we’re extremely interested in talking your ears off about it. Reach out to us at for all press inquiries. Our whole editorial team and most of our creators are available for interviews upon request.

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