Anxiety vs. Imagination

The author on a plan, nervous: "I once heard that anxiety is like imagination. Can you imagine being able to enjoy this view without panicking? I used to think that I had no imagination."
The author looking out the plane window, into the clouds: "But maybe it's being used up... by my brain and body, working hard together, to make up stories in the form of symptoms."
The author, internally: "Could I use up that same energy... to conjure joy..."
The author, to a friend, with awe: "Who... what if we. could walk on the clouds?"
The author, internally: "... instead of fear?"
The author and others laying on clouds: "Maybe everyone could have their own cloud planet to live on!"
The author, internally, peacefully: "Then, maybe, instead of making myself sick... I could make magic."


Smar lives in Athens, Greece, trying to raise a couple of plants in her balcony. She makes cute comics, mostly about queer issues, usually with big feelings and is in a constant effort to organize her life.
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