My Experience With Endometriosis Part 3: Living With It

Slowing down and finding moments of peace through bubble bath self-care

TCAF: A Travel Comic

A messy, incomplete, and sleepy look at the Toronto Comics Art Festival

Group Chat Kickstarter Recap

Next steps for our big comics anthology project -- and what we learned along the way.

Omega 4 Replay: Episode 21

A Very Mass Effect 2 Family Reunion

Group Chat Sneak Preview

A special first look for all our favorite POMEs

Tea 101: Easy Comfort When Things Get Rough

For the tragic heroine and the tired baby rabbit

My Experience With Endometriosis Part 2: Getting Treatment

Birth control, hormones, and lots and lots of chronic pain

Omega 4 Replay: Episode 20

Busting everybody's smol biotic convict out of Ominous, Evil Space Jail

Cookin’ With Cait: Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup!

Even more delicious meal prep for the cat lady on-the-go

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