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Omega 4 Replay: Episode 14

Goodbye, Mass Effect 1!

We take on Bishoujo Spectre Sailor Saren and other late-game Mass Effect 1 challenges. Read more.

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Beauty Tips with Greer

Master Skin Care Mermaid Greer is back with all the Foundation tips you need

Take care of that beautiful mug of yours, no matter your skin type or how much coverage you need! Read more.

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Omega 4 Replay: Episode 13

Proud space dads and unprofessional curiousities

In the year 2017, Mass Effect: Andromeda came out and we got extremely distracted for a little while. Now, Rachel and CC are back on that ME1 grind, and they're taking no prisoners (or sidequests). Read more.

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Finding Self-Respect (Part 4)

An illustrated value about being your honest self

So now that I'm at the end, I have to ask: do I know what self-respect means to me, and do I respect myself? Read more.

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Summoning the Mother of Cats

When the moon is full and your heart is heavy, the time is right to summon the Mother of Cats. Read more.

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Small Wonder

A Spell to Summon Your Inner Child

Our child self is never far away, and can be summoned easily, even for a beginning spellworker. Read more.

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Buttercup’s How To: Dry and Preserve Herbs

Garden magic to preserve herbs for all your soothing herbs, balms, and poultices

Drying out your herbs after harvesting is a great way to preserve the plants for future use. Plus, drawing the water out leaves your herbs way more condensed and potent. Read more.

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Tips for the Deskbound Witch

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Workspace More Magical

Enchant your workspace with an informal altar, color magic, encouraging sigils, and scent charms. Read more.

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A spell for getting rid of spiders, one way or another

"I don't have bug killer things -- but I have a spellbook!" Read more.

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The Confidence Spell

A spell to help your inner confidence shine on the outside, too

Rather than lying in bed, wondering how you ever tricked anyone into loving you, why don't you try out The Confidence Potion? Read more.

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