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How Not To Fall In Love With A Fictional Character

A Kachi's What-Don't Summer Special

This helpful guide will steer you in the right direction when it comes to scoring a scorching summer romance with a sentient, three-dimensional, organic, multi-celled person! Read more.


How To Accessorize For The Job You Want

Pairing stealthy fandom accents with your professional outfits

There’s little room in a job interview to make space for how you can type 100 WPM thanks to the 1,200 pages of heavily lauded fanfiction you have under your belt. BUT- there is one way to make this statement without having to say a word: accessories. Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #13 – The cause of cosplay

Cosplay has become more and more popular, but why? With David still MIA, Vincent is going to need some help answering this one. Read more.