Sidekicked Issue #13 – The cause of cosplay

30 years ago, costumes were something worn once a year by children. Today there is an entire sub-culture built around wardrobes inspired by fictional characters – cosplay. Cosplay images are splattered across popular websites such as imgur, are routinely up-voted on community websites such as reddit, and are used as the template for some of the internet’s most popular memes. But where did this surge in cosplay come from? 20 years ago I don’t recall anyone talking about an awesome Ms. Marvel costume they saw at a convention. Vincent and his guest-host (and POME contributor) Kachi, take a look at why people love to cosplay.

Sidekicked Roll Call:

Vincent: Co-Host

Kachi: Guest-hOST

Rachel: Designer

Roman: Music


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Vincent Powell

Vincent Powell

He's a mean, lean, nerding machine. A comic book reader since he was 6 years old, Vincent has developed a true passion for the inner-workings of what makes comics great. He has now been drafted by the Uncanny Pome Magazine to unleash his thoughts and views. Along with his partner, David, the two of them analyze the comic book industry for a new generation of fans.


Kachi is a cool human who would like to talk to you about Kingdom Hearts and also about sports anime, please.

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