Vincent Powell

He's a mean, lean, nerding machine. A comic book reader since he was 6 years old, Vincent has developed a true passion for the inner-workings of what makes comics great. He has now been drafted by the Uncanny Pome Magazine to unleash his thoughts and views. Along with his partner, David, the two of them analyze the comic book industry for a new generation of fans.

Sidekicked Issue #85 – Is Rogue One our New Hope?

Many Bothans died to bring us this review

Sidekicked Issue #83 – The MC-BOO

Is Ghost Rider Marvel's Ghost of Christmas Future?

Sidekicked Issue #82 – Is Disney going Rogue?

Will Rogue One be more of a menance then a new hope?

Sidekicked Issue #77 – What was the Flashpoint of that?

Is Flashpoint a good starting point for The Flash's 3rd season?

Sidekicked Issue #76 – Town Hall of Justice Debate

Emery Coolcats hosts the second debate of Sidekicked.

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