Sidekicked Issue #80 – We need a trailer with attitude

Over 20 years ago Saban presented a show staring five teenagers with super powers. Since then, there have been countless incarnations of the Power Rangers. While the suits might have come in different colors, the series has always kept the same tone. Now Lionsgate is looking to add a layer of grey over the festive franchise. David and Vincent discuss if the modernized version of Power Rangers will save the superhero genre, or destroy it.

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David Gimnich

David Gimnich

David is a cool human and the co-host of the Sidekicked Podcast with Vincent Powell! He hates long walks on the beach, but only because there is so much sand. He knows more about Marvel than DC. He is a feminist, regardless of the fact that he is a guy. You haven't heard of him, well he's a big deal in Latveria.
Vincent Powell

Vincent Powell

He's a mean, lean, nerding machine. A comic book reader since he was 6 years old, Vincent has developed a true passion for the inner-workings of what makes comics great. He has now been drafted by the Uncanny Pome Magazine to unleash his thoughts and views. Along with his partner, David, the two of them analyze the comic book industry for a new generation of fans.
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