Do More

A 7-panel comic. Panel 1: Sometimes I compare myself to my colleagues and think, "I should be doing more..." "YES!" Panel 2: "Of cuorse you should be doing more!!" (my inner self) Panel 3: "More cat petting!" Panel 4: "More fun stuff with your friends!!" Panel 5: "More things that BRING YOU JOY and not necessarily financial gain! You do not exist only to make money!" Panel 6: My inner self is very close to my face and I'm nervous. Panel 7: My inner self gives me a little peck on the cheek.

Laura Athayde

Laura Athayde

Brazilian illustrator and comics author. Likes coffee with no sugar and everything else super sweet.

Afternoon Snack

After an absolutely brutal week that promises only more chaos, let’s take a wide view of the path ahead. This week’s snack starts off spicy,

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