Goodbye, Gumroad and Patreon! POMEmag is Moving to Ko-Fi

Friends, supporters, and POMEs, we have an important update to share with you: we are phasing out our Gumroad and Patreon accounts. Starting today, you can head over to our Ko-Fi to pick up our books and merchandise or become a monthly POMEmag supporter!! Through March 4, you can get 20% off of any purchase in our Ko-Fi store with the promo code “BYEGUMROAD” — and monthly supporters can get 10% off any store purchase going forward. 

Why are we leaving?

POMEmag is leaving Gumroad and Patreon for less NFT-endorsing pastures. Look: as a publisher, and also as human beings, our main goal is to leave this world a little better than we found it. We strive to do right by the creators who publish with us, and the readers whose lives their work touches. POME is a special little home for unique voices and sincere work. Everything POMEmag earns goes back into paying contributors, and to a lesser extent, into the basic nuts and bolts of keeping this platform running. We have a responsibility to protect our little home by choosing sustainable and trustworthy funding sources to keep the lights on whenever we can. 

We recognize that there really are very few reliable ways to successfully fund creative work. We also recognize that it isn’t really possible to avoid every platform that supports NFTs anymore, and that Ko-Fi isn’t without it’s own problems (their ban against NSFW content is Not Great).

But, where we have options to avoid harmful platforms and ensure money spent on POMEpress books doesn’t also fund actively destructive bullshit, we’ll make the best choices we can. 

What does this mean for my Kickstarter rewards?

If you funded one of our POMEpress books on Kickstarter, you should have a code to redeem your digital rewards for free on our Gumroad store. While we have migrated our store over to Ko-Fi for new sales, we’re keeping our digital items up on Gumroad for Kickstarter backers to be able to access using their reward codes.

What does this mean for my Patreon rewards? 

We will be pausing Patreon billing starting in March, and all POMEmag Patreon content will remain available through the end of the month. However, after that point we will be working to deactivate the POMEmag Patreon and can’t guarantee that it will stay up forever. We’ll work on bringing some of our Patreon-exclusive faves over to Ko-Fi, but can only guarantee that the full Patreon archive will be available until the end of March. 

Also starting in March, we’ll be publishing Crone’s Hearth, Extended Cuts, and other bite-sized fun stuff to monthly Ko-Fi supporters — so join us over there to keep on getting all your news straight from the cauldron. 

How will monthly Ko-Fi supporter rewards work? 

At least for now, POMEmag Ko-Fi monthly supporter rewards will only have one pay-what-you-want tier. Donating any amount per month will get you access to behind-the-scenes and news/update posts, plus 10% off any purchase in the POMEmag store! 

Thanks to everybody who has supported us over the years — on Patreon, Gumroad, Kickstarter, in person, or even just by stopping by our site and taking a look around. 

We are also truly so grateful to all of our current and former Patrons. Every single donation helped fund our work and allowed us to make a lot of cool stuff. We hope that y’all will follow us over to Ko-Fi, and we’re always down to hear your feedback on the stuff you’d like to see on this new platform.

We’re looking ahead at even more ways to share cool stuff we think y’all will dig — so stay tuned for more updates about what we’ll be brewing up next.

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