Inktober Highlights 2018

Some of our favorite things from the yearly Inktober holiday

November 2, 2018 at 11:22 am

Inktober has passed us by again, and SO many amazing artists drew SO many things!! This is just a brief look at some of the super cool stuff we got to see this year. Hit us up with some of your fave Inktober pieces in the comments!



Ashley Franklin put up a DAILY horror comic, which honestly is an amount of work that is spooky in and of itself! Ashley is one of the most prolific folks we know, and her work always delights and inspires us, even when we’re feeling extra spooked 😱



Another amazing and ambitious daily comic for Inktober by Val Wise!! This one is a sweet and spooky story about medical mischief and vampires, with warnings of blood for those that need them. There’s also an accompanying text document for those that would prefer to read!



Cait Zellers did some truly lovely inkcantations for Inktober — lovely pieces with haunting prose, what more could we want??



A twist on the daily Inktober comic by Faith Schaffer — a choose your own adventure comic! After each post, a twitter poll allows readers to choose the next branch in the story. We love the concept, execution, and beauty of this approach!



An excellent theme choice for this month — Hieronymus Bosch!



Gif-tober is some NEXT LEVEL STUFF!!!



So cute!!! Small bottles every day!!!



A beautiful, personal daily comic by Hannako Lambert. It’s also an interesting example of how sharing work daily can change the outcome of the work itself, especially when a warm community shows its support!



A very cute take on Inktober by Victoria Grace Elliott! Cute food, everyday, that really we all want to eat.



As always, Inktober is a voluntary labor of love that is done by artists all over the world. As readers, we’re so lucky and grateful that these artists are sharing their work with us, and at such an accelerated pace! So thanks to all of y’all for making Inktober such a fun, interesting, spooky event. Can’t wait for next year!


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