Museum of Natural Mystery – Small Wonder # 2: 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death


There are countless tales throughout history — and especially throughout World War I — of courageous women picking up the sword or the rifle at times when war was a job for men alone. Tales of women who disguised themselves as men to join the fight, who tended to the wounded, or became spies:



Perhaps none stand out more than the formidable unit of elite female soldiers sanctioned by the Russian provisional government in order to show the army what true patriots looked like. History would remember them as the 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death.


Volunteers signing up for the 1st Women’s Battalion. Nearly 2,000 women answered the recruitment call, but only 300 would make the cut.


Maria Bochkareva petitioned the provisional government to create (and later assumed command of) the 1st Women’s Battalion.


The women endured a harsh, rigorous training regiment designed by Bochkareva.


Women of the 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death



The Great War

Meet Russia’s All-Women Battalion of Death by Toria Sheffield

Roles of Women in World War 1: The Russian Battalion of Death by Don Duffy

Yashka, My Life as Peasant, Officer and Exile by Maria Bochkareva


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